The First Pancake

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The First Pancake Phenomena is well known. You always throw out the first pancake. Your pan is too hot, or too buttery, the pour was too big, the flip was too small, for whatever reason, you always throw away the first pancake.

The same rule applies to trying just about anything again for the first time in a long while. Your first time back is going to be rusty, painful, and generally disappointing. You just have to get through that first time to find your rhythm again.

Red Rocks west of Denver
Red Rocks west of Denver

Last fall, we finished up the camping season with three great trips to Vedauwoo. Then the trailer went into storage, and I went into work mode, and the months passed. But as the sun started staying up longer, and the snow started melting, we knew it was time to get back outside.

Last weekend we had our First Pancake (aka Shake-Out) camping trip of the year. It’s almost guaranteed to not go according to plans, so we try not to make many. We are almost guaranteed to forget something important, so we camp close to home. Things are almost guaranteed to go terribly wrong, so we try to keep it simple.

On a short hike... is that a snake?
On a short hike… is that a snake?

This trip, like so many other shake-out trips, had some wrinkles…

… We ran out of propane as I was packing up the trailer, but didn’t realize it until we were ready to leave. At that point, it was after 6p on a Friday night, and we couldn’t find a place that was open to fill the tank. Since it was going to be very cold on Friday night, I did not want to head out without the ability to heat. So, we decided to stay home Friday night and leave first thing Saturday morning.

… We got lectured by the staff at the campground, specifically one lady who decided since we were “clearly new at this” that she needed to explain everything to us. Granted, we have never been very good at the whole RV gig. And her complaints about our propane tank being held on by only a bungie cord were completely valid.

… Since we did not camp on Friday, I brought all of my bathroom stuff into the house. And did not realize I had forgotten it until about 8p on Saturday night. All of my prescriptions were back at the house, so I drove home on Saturday night. Happily, it was only a half hour trip.

A picture is worth a thousand words
A picture is worth a thousand words

Even with all of these wrinkles in our first pancake, we still had a really fun weekend. We toured and hiked around Red Rocks Amphitheater. We wandered around downtown Golden, running through parks and throwing rocks in the creek. Gabe had a great time playing around the campground, and slept really well in the camper. And we made it through our first pancake. On to a summer of good rhythms and great adventures!


Hello again, my friend

Mark at Shelf Road
Mark at Shelf Road

Welcome to the newly refurbished WanderLore!

I’ve actually had this domain for a while, and tried a few different things with it. None of the previous incarnations really worked, however, until now. This time, it’s all different.

This new project is very exciting, and I hope it manifests as well on the web as it has in my mind. My goal with this space is to share those special moments, the beautiful places, and amazing adventures as they form through my lens. To really give you an immersion and sense of the world of rock climbing, yoga and travel that I love so dearly.

Here you will find my best images, work and result of photography projects, links to other amazing outdoor and adventure photographers, and much more. Of course the best part is the chance for me to hear from all of you, my friends. Please let me know what you think of the images. Comments and critiques are always welcome. Thoughts and meditations will flourish here.

So thanks for stopping by! Pull up a seat at the campfire or come along with me up the mountain. There is a long, beautiful, road ahead…